Hi and welcome to my web page for my
 1986 Jaguar XJS I got the car
from eBay for a princley sum of £1041
 in August 2007 the car was
located in Scotland about 500 miles
from my home in Essex.
The car is a 5.3l V12 with a TWR
bodykit i don`t think this is factory
fitted but i might be wrong.

When I got the car back home and had
a proper look I realised there
was quite a bit wrong with it. It was
 firing on only 10 cylinders
and the tin worm had set in quite
 badly the sills had been repaired
with expanding foam!! The top of the
 inside of the wheel archs had
been nicely repaired with sticky back
 foam pads, which when I removed
them I could get my hand through to
 the back of the seat

I got a quote for the welding for
 £4k, so I done the honourable thing
and let it sit over the winter while
I decided what to do with it.
After many hours of soul serching I
 decided I had put it back on the 

It was never going to be a concourse
 car and I could not justify
spending thousands on it to get a
standard car if i was going to throw
money at it I might as well make it
 something really cool and what's
cooler than a pro street Jag???

So my first move was to ascertain
 how much rust there was. I striped
all the interior and part of the body
 kit and other than what I had
seen originally luckly the rest was
 not too bad

I got a narrowed Jag rear end by
 Pop Brown from eBay for £250 it has
the lower 3.31 non power lock gear
ratio as aposed to the 2.88 power
lock of the standard V12

I started cutting out all the rust
(still on going) and cut the back
out for the tubb from the boot side
 of the fuel tank to the back of
the rear seats. This gave me
clearance for the wheel tyre combo 
but still allowed me to pick up on
the old chassis points to keep the
integrity of the car.

So I needed wheels. I wanted 15"x12"
but when a pair of 15"x15"
centerline wheels and Hoosier tyres
 for £300 come up on
eurodragster.com I jumped at them.

Then the resession hit, work dried
up and the car has been on the back
burner since, but I'm hoping that I
 can start again on it this spring
and maybe even run it towards the
end of the year.


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